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Laver Cup 2022 Day 1 Live: Ruud beats Sock in match tiebreak, Federer-Nadal play doubles later

Laver Cup 2022 Day 1 Live: Ruud beats Sock in match tiebreak, Federer-Nadal play doubles later

Welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of day 1 of the Laver Cup 2022. This is Nihit Sachdeva taking you through the action as it unfolds at the O2 Arena in London.



Sock carries the momentum and wins the first point on Ruud’s serve. Second serve from Sock and Ruud hits the crosscourt backhand wide to 0-2 down. Sock extends his advantage to 3-0 as Ruud hits the crosscourt forehand wide. Inside-out forehand from Sock balloons long and Ruud opens his account in this tiebreaker. Crosscourt forehand return from Sock goes long and Ruud now trails 2-3. Unbelievable miss from Sock – he had done everything he needed to do before sending a simple overhead smash into the net – 3-all at the change of ends. And Ruud gets the mini-break as Sock hits one forehand into the net before dropping his racquet in frustration. Crosscourt backhand from Sock goes wide and Ruud leads 5-3. Excellent serve down the T from the Norwegian and Sock’s backhand return goes wide – Ruud leads 6-3. Wide serve into the ad court before a forehand down the line winner – Sock trails 4-6. Another wayward forehand from Sock and Ruud is now 7-4 up. Ruud serves it out wide, comes in to hit a forehand down the line before following it up with a volley but does not execute it well and Sock hits a backhand pass to make it 5-7. Sock trails 6-7 now as Ruud hits a forehand into the net. Sock rushes in, Ruud goes for the backhand pass, the American was ready for the crosscourt forehand volley but does not manage to send it over the net – Ruud up 8-6. A forehand from Sock hits the top of the tape but the ball lands on his own side – Ruud has three match points at 9-6. Ruud converts at the second time of asking with a whipped forehand to seal the tiebreaker 10-7. Team Europe leads 1-0!

SECOND SET (* denotes server)

Ruud 5-7 Sock*

Sock to serve for the set and take this match into a 10-point tiebreak. Sock goes 15-0 up with an overhead smash. A slow second serve into Ruud’s backhand who sends the return crosscourt but Sock hits an inside-out forehand winner – 30-0 up. A double fault from Sock – 30-15. Another easy smash for Sock to go 40-15 and the American has two set points. A drop shot to seal the deal. Sock takes the second set 7-5 and takes this match into a 10-point tiebreak.

Ruud* 5-6 Sock

A double fault followed by a wayward inside-out forehand shot from Ruud – Sock goes 30-0 up. Another double fault from Ruud and all of a sudden, Sock has three break points. But he only needs one as Ruud hits a forehand long.

Ruud 5-5 Sock*

Sock to serve to stay in the set and match. A drop shot out of nowhere from Sock and the ball does not cross the net – 15-all. Wide serve into the deuce court from Sock, Ruud sends the forehand return down the middle and Sock hits the forehand into the net. A strong first serve up the T from the American – 30-all. A miscued forehand from Ruud goes way beyond the baseline. Sock has a game point. Again, a crosscourt drop shot out of nowhere from Sock but this time, it is good and forces Ruud to rush in and Sock easily hits the forehand pass into the open court to hold serve.

Ruud* 5-4 Sock

T serve from Ruud and Sock’s backhand return goes long. A 94mph second serve from Ruud and Sock hits the backhand into the net. Ruud slips mid-rally but somehow gets back into position before hitting a forehand down the line to close the game.

Ruud 4-4 Sock*

An unforced error on the forehand from Sock and the American has decided to change his racquet. A forehand down the line winner from Ruud after some stunning defending – the Norwegian is up 30-0. Wide serve into the deuce court from Sock and Ruud’s forehand return lands long. Ruud hits a forehand down the middle just long but decides to challenge the call. The challenge is unsuccessful. From 0-30, Sock goes 40-30 up as another return from the deuce side from Ruud goes long. Backhand into the net from Ruud and Sock holds.

Ruud* 4-3 Sock

After finally conceding a point on his serve in the second set, Ruud comes back with a T ace. However, the Norwegian hits a heavy backhand in the following point and Sock has a chance now. Second serve from Ruud, Sock goes for the inside-out forehand return but hits the ball into the net – 30-all. Body serve from Ruud and Sock’s backhand return lands just beyond the baseline. Ruud serves into Sock’s backhand, the American goes for it and the umpire rules it ‘out’ when infact, it was in. Sock says it was a let but the umpire says he did not hear it. Ruud has agreed to replay the point. A double fault from Ruud – deuce. Follows it up with an ace. Heavy backhand return this time from the American lands beyond the baseline and Ruud holds.

Ruud 3-3 Sock*

A fumbled forehand from Ruud who stays well beyond the baseline – the ball barely rises up. Inside-out forehand from Sock goes into the net – 15-all. Overhead smash from Sock takes him 30-15 ahead. Sock holds and keeps things on serve in the second set.

Ruud* 3-2 Sock

Three clean games on the trot for Ruud. Relentless stuff from the World No. 2.

Ruud 2-2 Sock*

Sock serving extremely well at the moment. Wide into the ad court, rushes in quickly and puts away the crosscourt forehand to go 30-0 up. Looks like I jinxed it as the American commits a double fault. Another wide serve into the ad court and Ruud’s backhand return is long. Serve and volley works for Sock as Ruud goes for the lob but hits it long.

Ruud* 2-1 Sock

Ruud keeps the clean sheet in terms of points lost on serve in the second set intact. Another love hold.

Ruud 1-1 Sock*

A challenge from Ruud at 30-all, John McEnroe looks nervous but the replay shows that Sock’s forehand had the ball landing on the side line. Sock closes the game.

Ruud* 1-0 Sock

Ruud begins the second set perfectly. Love hold.

FIRST SET (* denotes server)

Ruud 6-4 Sock*

All the hardwork Sock had done in the previous game has gone in the blink of an eye. A wide forehand from Sock, a backhand pass from Ruud and a forehand into the net from Sock – Ruud 40-0 up and has three set points. Slow second serve from Sock, Ruud hits the backhand crosscourt into the net. Sock saves second set point as Ruud hits another crosscourt backhand wide. Excellent first serve, wide into the ad court and Sock saved third set point – it is 40-all. A double fault, first of the match, and what a time to commit such an error. Ruud gets another set point. Wide serve into the ad court, Ruud gets the crosscourt backhand return in and Sock hits the forehand into the net. Ruud takes the first set 6-4. Jack Sock will be mighty disappointed in the way he conceded the set.

Ruud* 5-4 Sock

Ruud serving for the set. Jack Sock finds the wheels to answer two volleys from Ruud on the opposite sides of the net, the second answer being a glorious backhand pass. Sock hits a forehand volley into the open court to go 40-0 up. First break point goes as Sock hits the backhand return into the net. Sock breaks back. T serve from Ruud, return from Sock barely crosses the net, Ruud decides to go for the crosscourt forehand but the American anticipates it well and hits a backhand down the line.

Ruud 5-3 Sock*

Jack Sock serving to stay in the set. And he does so without much fuss. A T ace to close the game.

Ruud* 5-2 Sock

First proper rally of the match (21 shots) and it is the Norwegian who comes out on top with an inside-out forehand winner. A T ace to go 30-15 up for Ruud. Follows it up with another. Wide serve into the deuce court from Ruud to close the game.

Ruud 4-2 Sock*

Wide serve into the deuce court from Sock and Ruud barely gets his racquet on the ball. Stunning backhand volley from Sock – the ball goes over the net and drops dead giving no chance to Ruud to get there. Second serve and Ruud hits a backhand down the line winner – Sock up 30-15. Serve down the middle followed by an inside-out forehand – Sock 40-15 up. Ruud loses balance on Sock’s second serve and hits the backhand return long.

Ruud* 4-1 Sock

The pace of the court has been quite slow so far. Yet, Ruud is able to generate enough power from near the baseline to hit a gorgeous backhand down the line winner to go 30-15 up. A T ace to close the game for the Norwegian.

Ruud 3-1 Sock*

Second serve from Sock draws a weak backhand return down the middle from Ruud and the American finishes the point with a forehand down the line. A quick first serve up the T and the backhand from Ruud is long – Sock 40-0 up. Love hold for Jack Sock and he is on the scoreboard.

Ruud* 3-0 Sock

Body serve from Ruud followed by forehand down the line winner. Two forehand errors from the Norwegian – first into the net and the second catching the top of the tape before going wide. Body serve and a forehand down the line combo works again for Ruud – 30-all. Crosscourt forehand from Sock goes wide to give Ruud a game point. Inside-out forehand from the American goes long. Ruud consolidates the break.

Ruud 2-0 Sock*

An overcooked forehand and a simple backhand volley into the net – Sock 0-30 down. Sock opens his account as Ruud’s sliced forehand return on the American’s forehand down the line lands into the net. Wide second serve from Sock and Ruud rolls his wrist to hit a crosscourt backhand return pass. Two break points. Ruud hits the one-handed backhand return wide on Sock’s second serve. Still, one more break point chance. First challenge – Ruud feels Sock’s crosscourt forehand landed wide and he is right. Ruud breaks.

Ruud* 1-0 Sock

Ruud takes the opening point of Laver Cup 2022 as Sock hits a crosscourt forehand into the net. Quick first serve up the T sets up the point and Ruud ends it with a crosscourt forehand volley. Love hold for the Norwegian

First match – World No. 2 Casper Ruud (Team Europe) vs World No. 128 Jack Sock (Team World). It’s a first-ever meeting between the two. Ruud won the toss and chose to serve.

Last but not the least, the spectators welcome the man after whom the Laver Cup has been named – it is the Australian icon and the only man to have achieved the Calendar Slam twice – Rod Laver.

And finally, here comes the man of the moment, 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer!

And now Team Europe. First up, captain Bjorn Borg followed by Thomas Enqvist. And now the players – Cameron Norrie (alternate), Matteo Berrettini (alternate), Stefanos Tsitsipas and Casper Ruud. Time for the BIG FOUR – firstly, local favourite Andy Murray. Twenty one-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic comes next. The Serbian is followed by 22-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal.

The two teams arrive on court. First up, Team World starting with captain John McEnroe followed by vice-captain Patrick McEnroe. And now the players – Tommy Paul (alternate), Jack Sock, Alex De Minaur, Frances Tiafoe, Diego Schwartzman, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Taylor Fritz.

Before the first match begins, one-minute silence being observed at the O2 Arena in the memory of the Queen Elizabeth II who recently passed away.

Results of previous four editions


Line-up for today



Roger Federer will bring the curtain down on his spectacular career in a “super special” match alongside long-time rival Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup in London on Friday.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion, dogged by a knee injury, has not played since the 2021 Wimbledon quarterfinal and last week announced his retirement at the age of 41.

But he will appear for one final time for Team Europe at the Laver Cup, linking up with Nadal in a dream doubles pairing against Team World’s Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock at the O2 arena.

The Swiss great has enjoyed a storied rivalry with the Spaniard over nearly two decades and together they have won 42 Grand Slam singles titles in a golden era for the men’s game.

The pair played 40 times, including in nine Grand Slam finals, with Nadal holding a 24-16 winning record, but this time they will be on the same side of the net in the Ryder Cup-style event.

The six-strong Team Europe also includes Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray — the other two members of the so-called “Big Four” — in a fitting climax to Federer’s career.

Italian Matteo Berrettini will take Federer’s place for the final two days of the three-day tournament.

“Of course, it’s super special playing with Rafa,” Federer said at a packed press conference on Thursday. “Feels really different, you know.

“Also just walking out on court and having the chance to play with the likes of Rafa or Novak also in the past has been an amazing experience for me.

“So to be able to do that one more time, I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful. I will try my very best. I hope to be good out there, and of course I will enjoy it but it will be hard.”

Nadal, who first played Federer on the ATP Tour in 2004, said he was looking forward to an “unforgettable” match alongside the Swiss.

“After all the amazing things that we shared together on and off court, to be part of this historic moment is going be something amazing, unforgettable for me,” said the 36-year old, who has won a record 22 Grand Slam singles titles in men’s tennis.

Team World captain John McEnroe said Federer’s retirement would leave “a void that will never be filled”.

“This is beyond belief what him and the other two guys (Djokovic and Nadal) have done,” he said. “He doesn’t need my advice. He’s in a great position. He’s a total class act.

“We all know that. He loves the sport. That’s part of why he won so much, in my book. He loves it. I’m hopeful that he, and I believe he will be around it in some way, shape, or form.”

US great Pete Sampras, whose record of 14 Grand Slam singles titles Federer surpassed in 2009, paid a warm tribute to the Swiss, remembering their one and only meeting in 2001.

“We had a great battle on the Centre Court at Wimbledon and you took me down in a tough five-setter and I just remember walking off the court feeling like I’d met my match,” he said in a video posted on social media.

“Truly a special player. Little did I know 20 years later that you’d have 20 majors, been number one for years, dominated our sport, basically do it all.”

Norway’s Casper Ruud faces Sock in the first match of the Laver Cup on Friday before Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas meets Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman in the second singles match.

Murray, making his debut at the Laver Cup, will play Australia’s Alex de Minaur at the start of the night session before Federer and Nadal take to the court.

When and where to watch?

The Laver Cup 2022 will be telecast on the Sony Sports Network and live streamed on Sony Liv from 5:30PM IST on Friday.