July 22, 2024


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Kyle Shanahan shows frustration over questions about Trey Lance injury

San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was obviously unsatisfied with issues above the perform that quarterback Trey Lance was hurt on throughout Sunday’s sport.

Lance experienced a time-ending ankle injuries through Sunday’s game in opposition to the Seattle Seahawks on what appeared to be a developed operate up the middle. Soon after the match, Shanahan was questioned about the participate in get in touch with and no matter if it factored into the injury, and he bristled at the suggestion.

“You fellas enjoy the other groups in this league? Buffalo does it all the time with their quarterback. It’s a quite regular engage in,” Shanahan responded. “It’s portion of football and it’s regrettable that he harm his ankle on it, but it is a quite regular-ran engage in. You fellas really should check out some other folks.”

Shanahan’s frustration is easy to understand, since he is suitable. The participate in was quite pedestrian, and it just happened to guide to an unlucky injuries. The 49ers were generally likely to use Lance’s working potential to their advantage, and there is an inherent injury possibility in accomplishing so.

Lance’s 2022 time appears to be about , that means Jimmy Garoppolo will be starting up for the remainder of the year. That suggests that the developed runs will possibly go by the wayside, for much better or for worse.