April 13, 2024


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Browns destroy the Bengals: Best memes and Tweets

The Cleveland Browns hosted the Cincinnati Bengals for Monday Night Football, and the Browns absolutely destroyed them.

The Cleveland Browns destroyed their division rival, the Cincinnati Bengals, on Monday night and have brought their not-so-favorable record up to 3-5 this season. The Bengals are now 4-4, and the gap between the two teams is getting smaller and smaller.

This was certainly disappointing for Bengals fans and unexpected as Cincinnati played in the Super Bowl last season, while Cleveland missed the playoffs completely.

This was one of the worst nights Cincinnati has had since drafting Ja’Marr Chase in 2021, which is truly a sign of concern.


However, as unlikely scenarios unfold, the internet reacts in the most amusing ways. The Browns destroying the Bengals called for some great humor from fans, which is a win no matter the true outcome of the game.

Best memes and Tweets from the Browns defeat of the Bengals

This was Cleveland’s first win since September when they took down the Pittsburgh Steelers, so Cleveland fans are certainly rejoicing.

One fan shared that a Browns win has been a long time in the making. This seemingly makes the victory even sweeter.

Another acknowledged that the team is kind of mysterious, in one of the most confusing ways possible. They truly don’t make much sense and remain unpredictable.

One observed the Halloween spirit with “a lot of orange” between the Browns and the Bengals. This is true, as both teams play in orange uniforms. It seems fitting that the two got to play each other on Halloween night.

One posted the best celebratory gif, saying, “Ain’t done yet.”

Cleveland proved they’re capable of more than people may think, and they got to inch closer to moving above their division rivals as they did so.