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15 places in Scotland that people struggle to pronounce

15 places in Scotland that people struggle to pronounce

Below is a checklist of 15 cities and villages whose names you could obtain difficult to pronounce. Scotland is well renowned all through the planet for its spectacular and exclusive location names, some of which even some locals uncover hard to pronounce

Each state in the world has spots named that even locals wrestle to pronounce without support, and Scotland is no exception.

Locals frequently make fun of visitors who pronounce Edinburgh or Glasgow incorrectly, but there are many cities and villages that even Scots struggle to pronounce correctly.

Even names that appear uncomplicated to utter at first look, like Hawick or Wemyss Bay, may be complicated when you first test to pronounce them. Even sounding out every single phrase independently will not generally be valuable.

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Ecclefechan is a single of numerous spot names in Scotland you might have a hard time pronouncing (Picture: Colin Smith / Fork Forward)

This Dumfries and Galloway village’s title is pronounced Eck-el-feck-han.


The fishing village of Findochty is attractive but you may possibly have a tough time with its title (Impression: lucentius / Getty Visuals)

Findochty is a fishing village in close proximity to Buckie in Moray, and is pronounced Fin-eck-tay.


Garioch is just one of six committee regions in Aberdeenshire. Although you might consider it is pronounced Garry-och, it is really Gee-ree.


Wanting at the identify of this village and parish in Fife, you likely would not guess that it is pronounced Kin-uck-ar.


While on first glance you may well suppose that this historic market place town in South Lanarkshire is mentioned Strath-hay-ven, it is essentially Stray-ven.


This a single is easy. The village with the shortest identify in the United kingdom is merely pronounced eh.


Hawick is the major city in the Scottish Borders, and is pronounced Hoy-k—not Hay-wick.


It’s straightforward to believe this is pronounced Miln-gav-ee, but the East Dunbartonshire town is really reported Mull-male.


This is yet another one that is effortless to get tripped up on. Don’t be fooled into wondering that this village in Fife is pronounced Cull-Ross—it’s truly Coo-riss.


Anstruther is a tiny coastal resort city in Fife, well-liked with working day-trippers and holidaymakers. To pronounce it like a area, you would say Ainster.

Wemyss Bay

Whilst you may perhaps believe that this is pronounced We-miss out on Bay, it’s basically even simpler—Weems Bay.


The village of Ballachulish is centred on previous slate quarries and is pronounced Ball-a-hoolish.


This Fife city is a single of the a lot easier names to get appropriate on this checklist, but however numerous incorrectly pronounce it as Froo-chee. It’s basically Froo-kay.


Saying Auchtermuchty, a different town in Fife, may perhaps glimpse like a tough process on initially glance, but it is less difficult than you could imagine. You only say it as Awk-ter-muck-tay.


Finally, Poolewe—a smaller village in Wester Ross in the North West Highlands—is pronounced pool-you.

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