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The most popular sports themed games in Ireland

The most popular sports themed games in Ireland

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Ireland is known for its sports scene and famous athletes. From rugby to MMA matches, Irish fans and supporters can be found in most sports crowds.


Many of these sports fans are also avid gamers. They enjoy taking their love of sports further by playing sports-related games.


The popularity of these types of games is increasing and has led to the emergence of more sports games. Sports-themed games are now very popular in Ireland.


This article will explore some of the most popular sports-related games in Ireland.



What are the most popular sports in Ireland?


Before focusing on the most popular sports-themed games in Ireland, one should learn about the most iconic sports in Ireland.


The most popular sports category is known as Gaelic Games. This category is now more popular than football in Ireland.


It is known as Ireland’s indigenous sports category. Gaelic Games include four different types of sport:

● Gaelic football

● hurling

● Gaelic handball

● rounders


In Gaelic football, players can take the ball in their hands and run with it only over a distance of four steps. The ball can be kicked, as with traditional football, or passed by hand.


Players who take the ball in their hand can choose to drop the ball, kick it back up with their foot and pick it up again to continue running with it for four additional steps. This is called “solo-ed”.


Gaelic football is an extremely fun version of football with more loopholes and tricks than traditional football. There are many more rules that a Gaelic football fan must learn before watching a match or taking part in one.

Hurling consists of hitting a small ball with an ash wood stick in order to score against one’s opponents. To score, a player must send the ball through the opponents’ goalposts.


Similarly to Gaelic football, the ball can be carried by hand over a distance of four steps. The player can continue to carry the ball in their hand if they bounce the ball or balance it on the ash wood stick.


As for Gaelic handball, athletes play it against a wall by hitting a ball with their hand. Their goal is for the opponents to be unable to return the ball after it bounces off the wall.


It is played by two players or four players depending on the type of tournament.


Finally, rounders is a bat and ball game. It is very similar to baseball in many ways.


The main difference is the type of bat used in both games. In rounders, the bat is usually swung with one hand only as opposed to two hands in baseball.


The rounders bat is also shorter than a baseball bat.


Other popular games in Ireland include traditional football, rugby, golf and athletics (running, race-walking…).



Most popular sports-themed games in Ireland


Now that one knows what the most popular sports are in Ireland, understanding the popularity of the following games becomes less difficult.



Casino games


There are many types of casino games such as slot games, poker, blackjack and bingo. Many casino games are now available online on platforms like Virgin Games.


Some of the most popular sports-themed games include Rough-Rugby Slot, Football Carnival Slot Game and Fisticuffs Slot. These are all slot games with a sports theme.


Slot games are usually a favourite because they are easy to play, accessible to new players and short. Gamers can play online and find a slot machine with an exciting theme, stunning visuals and a fun story narrative.


The sound design is usually excellent and the games sometimes include hidden features and bonuses when a player lands on a winning combination.


Irish sports fans love these sports-themed games because they are also very immersive.




FIFA and other video games


Like in many other countries, the Irish are big fans of video games and football. A great combination of both are FIFA games.


FIFA is a video game series with many different types of football games. In the newer games, one can play with friends or with other live players.


These games are great for football fans who dream of playing as one of their favourite football players. They are immersive and social games.


FIFA games are usually available on PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Those interested in testing out a FIFA game should make sure they have compatible devices to play it on.


There are also other sports games that Irish sports fans tend to love. One of them is PGA Tour, a golf game that is popular amongst golf fans.


Golf is one of the most popular sports in Ireland so it comes as no surprise that it should be appreciated on the island.


This game is available on Xbox One and features some of the most respected golf players of all time including Tiger Woods. The game’s video publisher, 2K, released a new version of the game called PGA Tour 2k21.


Final thoughts


This article presented some of the most popular sports-themed games in Ireland. These games are popular because of the love that the Irish have for sports such as Gaelic Games, football, golf, rugby and more.


New games will appear over the next decades and will likely seduce Irish sports fans. Players are always looking for games that are more immersive, realistic and comfortable to play.


They also love playing as their favourite athletes which is one of the reasons why FIFA and PGA Tour are so popular.


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